How to handle a car accident when you drive alone?

For motorbike or car riders, certainly, no one wants to have an accident. Moreover, if this happens while driving alone, and on the road with a quiet situation. However, the name of the disaster is indeed unavoidable. Well, if the disaster occurs, there are some things that must be known as initial treatment when having an accident, when driving alone, and on a quiet street. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to also call new york car accident lawyer.

Here’s how to handle it:

1) Check your own condition

When falling when driving, especially motorbikes. The first thing to do is to check yourself first. Check your body for any pain, injury, or even loss.

This needs to be done because when it falls, the victim is often unconscious when the body feels pain. The indication is, once our body wakes up then feels that there are aches and cannot move, especially if there are parts of the body that are numb, then do not be forced.

2) Steer clear of the accident scene

If the body is fine, then the next thing to do is stay away from the crime scene. Why? It’s because a motorcycle or car can be said to have electrical power and is feared to explode.

Even better if we first turn off the engine and remove the key. Sometimes if the key is still ON, there is automatic electricity, so it also reduces the risk of exploding.

3) Raise the vehicle if you’re strong enough

If the body is still strong and fine, please check the vehicle and wake up the motorbike and take it to the roadside. Check, whether your motorbike can still turn on or not, whether the steering wheel is still functioning, and how severe the damage is to your motorbike.

4) Call friends or relatives

The last thing to do is contact the person closest to you to help. When in such conditions, it would be nice if you do not directly contact parents.

Yes, because the name of the parent must be very worried about his child. Contact friends first, then after the condition is better, contact the family.

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